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Thread: Video: GoPros and Grass Strips

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    Video: GoPros and Grass Strips

    We as Aircraft Builders, need to take time and get out and fly, just as reminder of how great it will be one day to fly an Airplane that we built ourselves. Today we flew into Cedar Mills Airport (3T0) in Gordonville, Texas . A beautiful and well-kept grass strip worth checking out. Just a short walk to the Pelican's Landing Waterfront Restaurant.

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    Looks like an interesting place, no grass to be seen here in Minnesota until maybe late March. Thanks for the video.

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    Why is that tree partially blocking the approach end of the runway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve View Post
    Why is that tree partially blocking the approach end of the runway?
    I've always wondered about that myself. It makes for precise approaches!

    Fun place to visit. Pelican's Landing Restaurant has great food.!4d-96.8114663

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    Love grass strips, my home field is grass and thatís all I ever care to operate from for the rest of my flying days. Just something about them. Takes you back to the early days of flying machines. By the way the one in this video is the longest durned grass strip I believe Iíve ever seen.

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    I just noticed something about the video I did. The GoPro 7 stabilization fixates in on the horizon in the background and adjusts the aircraft movement according to the horizon. Look at the parts of the video above where the camera is on the right wing, facing back on the aircraft. The horizon stays stable, while the aircraft appears to be moving up and down, and left and right. Makes for a smooth shot.

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