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Thread: Flying Dreams, Family and What Makes Airplanes Fly

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    Flying Dreams, Family and What Makes Airplanes Fly

    Following discussions in the maintenance area got me thinking about things not being said. So far, that discussion has covered the simple answer as to what makes airplanes fly.. Time, Energy and Money.
    A minimum three legged stool is essential for a stable platform. Time + energy + money makes airplanes fly. The more you have of each, the better. Each has its cost.
    A three legged stool works, but most stools are four legged. That forth leg is family.
    Subtract that forth leg and you can fly, or spend your waking dream in the hangar for thousands of hours over the years.
    A thousand hour build time usually has to be carved out of family hours. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Every dollar has to come from somewhere. How much energy is subtracted from family when Dad is spending all his time and money putting flying dreams to reality?

    Maybe a rocket scientist could come up with an equation of the variables but of course it will be different for different people.
    You + Family = You + Airplane minus Time x Energy X Money

    I would guess some have lost family over their obsessions.
    I lost mine (family) before the obsession, and flying probably kept me from becoming a drunk.
    Recalling a pivotal day where it was a beautiful Sunday and found myself in a stinking bar with the sun shining outside.
    The bar looked so depressing in the daylight that I got back in my car and drifted down the road to where my previous hang gliding dealer/instructor was now building ultralights. 1982 or 83.

    I plugged into the equation a feeling that UL flying was probably cheaper and safer than bar hopping. So far, so good, safety wise, but there is still a cost of T x E x M that has to come out of somewhere.
    Flying dreams are expensive in more ways than one and possibly life threatening.
    Everyone looking into this field of endeavor should give more attention to the realities of flying beyond the adrenalin of flying dreams, is all I'm saying.

    That said, how many have flying dreams?
    Did you have them before you ever flew?
    Powered or human powered flying dreams?

    Those that made flying dreams reality, any regrets looking back?
    What was your first experience of leaving earth in/on something that actually flew?
    Was it like your dreams?

    The first time I left earth behind was on a second generation, flat hang glider in the mid seventies.
    I can't remember dream flying before that and I've spent a lot of time, energy and money since then.
    Pretty sure I would do it all over again but am debating whether to return after a significant lull.
    Any trike pilots here?
    How about Rotax technicians close in mid-west?

    Folks,.. Trikes with folding wings, may be the cheapest/best way to fly today.
    Don't need a hangar. Vacation with your family, trike on trailer..
    Just saying.

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    Well stated.
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