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Thread: Virus Outbreak and Airventure

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    Virus Outbreak and Airventure

    This coronavirus is scary stuff, for most of us its on the other side of the world, but it has really spread, there doesn't seem to be any sure cure and its often fatal.

    I was thinking of Oshkosh, and all the years I have been coming. We have 90,000 people on the field, from all over the world, and mostly primitive outdoor toilets, and mass quantities of food and drink being served, much of it from pretty basic food stands and booths, and as for as I can recall there has never been any kind of disease outbreak or even any food poisoning episode.
    Are we just lucky? Is the fact that we are in the summer a positive? You don't really hear about flu season except in the winter. My thanks to all the people who do the necessary but not glamour job of port potty cleaning.

    Maybe we have better personal cleaning/grooming habits than masses of people in foreign countries. In so many cases the first and very effective form of "germ" defense is simply to really scrub your hands with soap and water before handling any food or after using the restroom. I think this virus is airborne, but many like flu are transmitted by touch.
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