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Thread: A question about assessing a ramp queen for purchase (disassembly of the wings...)

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    I suspect this airplane's log books will not be coming with the plane, whoever buys it, IF anyone buys it. Because, the plane will be a "foreclosure" of sorts, taken by the airport for years and years of ramp fees not paid. The owner of the aircraft is (as far as I can determine) Barron Thomas LLC, who won't answer the phone, won't return phone calls, and won't return emails. If you know the story behind him, you can probably guess why. I wish he would, I would love to get as much info on the plane as I could get.

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    Sorry Bill, Someone is confusing the Equipment List for W& B purposes vs the Minimum Equipment List that describes minimum equipment functionality required for flight. MELs are required for turbine powered aircraft and Part 125 and 135 operations.
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