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Thread: FAA Registry System Is Broken

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    FAA Registry System Is Broken

    This has been commented on before but I didnít realize just how broken the N-number reservation system has become. So just some observation in the form of questions.....

    Why are foreign entities or individuals with non-US addresses allowed to hold a reservation?

    Why is there no limit to the number of reservations that can be reserved?

    Along that line, why are individuals allowed to reserve numbers and sell them back? There is at least one individual who actively promotes ďeasy read backĒ N-numbers for sale in aviation periodicals.

    Why is the FAAís SBS Program Office holding over 50,000 N-numbers!?! Hey I donít get this at all, what am I missing?

    Some suggestion for the N-number reservations system:
    For starters a reservation should be limited to a valid US address.
    Proof that the reservation requestor is a US citizen must be provided thru either a SSN, drivers license or airmanís certificate or something similar.
    Set a limit to the number of reservations that can be simultaneously held. Something like 2 or 3 max.
    With that said, I recognize the challenges the FAA faces to prevent individuals from abusing the system.

    I would hope EAA and the various other aviation alphabet organizations take this up during its working group discussions with the FAA on policy and EAAers bring this up to the Administrator and FAA reps during Sun N Fun and AirVenture.
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    Unless someone can explain to me why this system exists in a form that can be so easily exploited, then I am with Dave on this.

    I do understand why air carriers may want to reserve a bunch of numbers that end in AA, UA, SW, etc., but accommodations can be made for that.
    Chris Mayer

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