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Thread: Removing paint

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    Removing paint

    So where to get paint stripper that works? Brand name?

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    I have been happy with the stripper sold under the Stewart Systems brand.

    I used as recommended - warm temperatures and covered the parts with plastic for a couple of hours. The epoxy primer and polyurethane paint came off extremely easily.

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    Paint stripper for what kind of paint, on what kind of surface? For most paint types on most surfaces, I've been happy with CitriStrip. I've used it on varnish, rattle can spray paint, and automotive base/clear on aluminum. I even used it to remove a very, very heavy coating of automotive paint from a fiberglass spinner, and it didn't affect the fiberglass.

    I also tried PTS-202 from Aircraft Spruce, which cost more and didn't work any better. With both, I found I needed to scuff the very heavy clear coat with some 80 grit to get anything to work. My plane is an outlier, I'm sure -- whoever painted it put a lot of paint on, followed by an unbelievable amount of clear coat. I mean, I've never seen this much paint on a piece of farm equipment, let alone an airplane.
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    Aluminum engine parts, and even on cars etc.
    So does that ekostrip, make it difficult to repaint? No film left etc?
    So what does a large aircraft paint outfit use now?
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