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Thread: Position push-to-talk two way radios

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    Position push-to-talk two way radios

    Has anyone tried these two way radios? They are claimed to be a cellular two way radios. like the Nextel was, but without the phone. Says can be used anywhere in the USA that has cell service. They do charge a monthly fee to use. My thoughts are, if itís as good as the Nextel two way was, itíd be worth the price. Not saying they would totally replace our uhf radios, but having a couple around the farm sure could handy. The website was sent to me, I know nothing about them, other than what I read. Thoughts?

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    It ought to work as good if not better than the old Nextel service. You don't need 4G/LTE to make this work. The datarates are small. Sprint transitioned the old Nextel service into the newer digital markets just fine. Some of the other carriers tried it but it mostly suffered from clunky, poorly designed software on the customer phone/smartphone. Frankly, the Nextel service pretty much supplanted VHF/UHF radios in the private sector around most of the metro areas where the coverage was good. I think the thing that hurt them most was the fact that everybody started carrying smartphones and decided Texting was easier than PTT.

    Position seems well placed in that they are using dedicated radios rahter than some clunky app on a smartphone like some of their competitors (goptt and offerings through the phone companies and add on Apple/Android apps).
    There's a competitor called peakptt that's doing the same thing, but I've not any direct experience with either of them.

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