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Thread: Weldment Profiles - not loading properly in Solidworks 2019-2020

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    Weldment Profiles - not loading properly in Solidworks 2019-2020

    Hi All - I'm having an issue getting Weldments profiles loaded in SW 2019. I've read about a dozen articles on how to do this - and it's not complicated, but it just wont work for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Here is what I've done so far:
    1) Gone to Design Library / Solidowrks Content / Weldments - and then downloaded the ANSI Inch profiles.
    2) Unzipped these profiles and placed into the proper Solidworks directory (as indicated by Options/ file locations / Weldments)

    The results are:
    I can see the profiles when using Weldments but only partially: I see the "Standard" (ANSI Inch), and I see the "Type" (specific profile), but I do not see the "size" as an option.

    I've tried creating folders to represent the right structure, etc... but nothing works. It appears that the pre-loaded profiles all have multiple size configurations built into the profile sketch (ex. I-beam has 3 sizes). But the additional profiles I loaded are only 1 size each (a separate sketch for each size). However, these profiles weer loaded directly from the Solidworks Reference Library - so I'd think they should work?

    Any ideas would be appreciated...


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    Each profile size needs its own separate file unless something has changed in versions newer than 2016. The VR3 website has available for download almost every size you'll need for a steel tube structure. What may be missing can often be created using "Save As" to create a different size or wall thickness.

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    Adding to the above -- I looked at v.2018 and it is the same as the older versions. My weldments folders look like this;

    Name:  temp.jpg
Views: 89
Size:  51.6 KB

    My Aircraft Tubing folder has these files plus a bunch more;

    Name:  Temp1.jpg
Views: 84
Size:  91.2 KB

    In SWx 2018 the dialog has the Aircraft Tubing folder selected under Type;

    Name:  TEMP-2.JPG
Views: 88
Size:  33.3 KB

    And the files in that folder are shown when you select the Size field;

    Name:  temp3.jpg
Views: 87
Size:  92.1 KB

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