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Thread: The big day has arrived. The fed's want your ID

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    Sad The big day has arrived. The fed's want your ID

    If you can stay awake long enough to read through this
    you’ll recognize virtually all of this pertains to airlines and operations therein.

    Having spent a fair amount of time in hold and or spacing vectors while awaiting a runway assignment in VFR conditions to major airports during my career, I found one of the major contributors for delays was a lack of runway and terminal space.
    More effective in trail spacing will not alleviate the shortage of runways and tarmac area which until resolved will still incur delays.

    Mark this day as the last in which you fly without big brother watching your every move if you're compliant.

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    I cannot foresee a time where I will fly into airspace that requires ADSB, so I ain't skeered.

    Also, I put a layer of guacamole between the layers of tin foil for my hat; it's the extra ingredient that really stops those gov't rays.

    The opinions and statements of this poster are largely based on facts and portray a possible version of the actual events.

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    I had a friend in a non-ADSB out equipped plane show up at my place for New Years (I'm a mile inside the CLT mode C veil). He actually went through the inane authorization process to get out of here (I suggested he just stay below 500AGL until he was out of the airspace, but he decided to do it "right").

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