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Thread: Intruder 250cc EFI engine on an ultralight

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    Intruder 250cc EFI engine on an ultralight

    Curious if anyone has tried this on an ultralight. It 35hp, 4 stroke, water cooled, EFI and 69lbs inclusive of oil, water, and exhaust.

    blackhawk paramotors uses them. They don’t list them on line as being sold separately.

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    thanks... I guess. Couldn’t find that page on their website. But $7500, ouch! I did find who actually makes them from someone on another forum:

    blackhawk is their US distributor. Knew they be more expensive than 2 strokes in the same power range but just wasn’t expecting almost double.

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    Badland Aircraft has this on their website, "STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO ON OUR VERY OWN 450CC, 45+HP, 4-STROKE ENGINE THAT WEIGHS LESS THAN 65LBS."


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