Looking for opinions and suggestions, smart remarks or whatever. I've only had the pleasure of attending A/V three times, the first time, 2011, we stayed at Sleepy Hollow Camp Ground in a small, I'll say cabin, with air matteresses but also an air conditioner. They also have a nice shower house and real toilets. It was pritty nice, although a long walk to the main gate if you didn't want to wait for someone to give you a lift on the golf cart. Also, just an FYI, it's a very short walk to the SOS tent. The second time was 2016 and we drove, mite near 1000 miles and had a 9x13 tent and 12x12 popup canopy, nice cots and self enflating matteresses. Our camp site was the last one on the North end of Stits Rd., again, pretty nice. Also, the SOS tent was just accross the road. The last time was 2018 and we drove again but with a vintage popup camper, the "Ohskosh Hilton" I bought just for this trip and it worked out great. I let the camper go so someone else could enjoy it. The camping spot was just West of Stits Rd. in an unnamed area and we were directly in the flight path of all the ultralights, close to the bus stop and shower trailer. All in all, another good spot. I'm going again in 2020 and was just wondering what areas others have enjoyed. I know it's probably impossible to get the same spots unless you go far in advance which may or may not be the case with me. We may be lucky enouth to fly in and in that case we'll just camp with the plane. Anyway, I've got plenty of time to ponder any and all suggestions and advice anyone has to offer.