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Thread: After the deadline

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    Yep. I actually had a Xaon XRX PCAS but it's currently sitting on the shelf. It however, doesn't see a simple transponder on it's own. It needs something else to interrogate the transponder first. Xaon's however, weren't big sellers and the company is out of business. I priced out active traffic years ago when I bought the Xaon, and frankly, the other options were prohibitively expensive (and with $75,000 of avionics in the Navion, my threshold of pain was pretty high). Frankly, Garmin wasn't even interested in talking to me about the options (one of the reasons that drive me away from Garmin, along with their obnoxious service policies). I stayed with the TIS on my mode S transponder and the Xaon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by planecaptain View Post
    I have been told that since I have decided to not equip with ADS B out that I will not be able to use my transponder after Jan. 1, 2020. Is this true?
    I see that there are enough replies to answer your question, so a related piece of advice Captain--- the person who told you that is so far off base that you might want to relegate your conversations with him/her to sports and "how are the kids doing in school" variety. Just saying......

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