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Thread: 116 Years ago in North Carolina?

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    116 Years ago in North Carolina?

    Just wanted to mark the Anniversary of Wilbur and Orville's little aviation effort there at Kill Devil Hills, a scant 4 miles from the town of Kitty Hawk, NC.

    Good Onya Mates!
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    Kitty Hawk Kites at Kill Devil Hills that has a replica of the Wright glider that you can attempt to fly off the sand dune(s).

    Best of luck,


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    Quote Originally Posted by WLIU View Post
    Kitty Hawk Kites at Kill Devil Hills that has a replica of the Wright glider that you can attempt to fly off the sand dune(s).

    Best of luck,

    A friend of mine did that and wrote a story about it for us:

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    Thanks you Orville and Wilbur for inventing the airplane...

    On the day in 1903 the Wright Brothers are credited with inventing 3 axis
    controlled heavier than air powered flight... between 1903 and
    1908 they were the *only* humans on this planet up in the air flying
    on a daily bases... they were up to the duration of 1.2 hours and
    could fly figure 8s... the Wrights wanted to sell airplanes over seas
    but when the French read their claims they challenge those braggart
    Americans to prove their claims... because in 1908 the best French
    flyers were only hopping a couple of hundred feet in a straight
    line... any attempt at a turn was met with a crash... well the Wrights
    not only proved their claims they taught the French all about 3 axis
    controlled flight... Bleriot bought into the Wright Brothers wing
    warping patent and crossed the English channel with in 6 months... the
    aileron ( French for little wing) was invented to side set the Wrights
    wing warping patent... you could not have 3 axis control flight
    without some form of lateral control be it warp or aileron... it was
    all going to be settle in court maybe in the Wrights favor but with the
    advent of WW1 meant all patent rights were pooled for National
    Security... the Wrights got nothing for their discovery but the world
    learn to fly from their ideas...

    The day Wilbur Wright demonstrates, to the skeptical French, 3 axis control flight in 1908...

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    I happened to be in DC yesterday and, since I could not fly yesterday, I thought the best way to mark the date was a visit to the National Air and Space Museum.
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    Chris Mayer

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