From an older issue of SPORT AVIATION, Aug. 2004 p. 18, the EAA hotline, says TSA had/has a program where they can suspend or revoke FAA issued pilot licenses, flight engineers and even mechanics. There are no criteria listed on what/who is a security risk and apparently no court or judicial hearings, so no due process for anyone whom TSA doesn't like.
This notice says there is a temporary hold on this action, because Congress has mandated that there be some appellate process, but TSA says they will institute the actions again once the appellate process is set up.
I don't know what has happened to this program over the years or if it is still done today. I hope not, but as gen av pilots we don't come in contact with TSA as often. We did have some really rude and nutty Homeland Security people come in a year ago from LAX and they caused everyone trouble but seem to have left now.