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Thread: EAA suing the SOS Brothers?

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    We'll support'em just like we've done every year we've gone to Osh -- by buying beer, brats, curds and corn and perhaps a T-shirt or 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingRon View Post
    It was heavy handed. The SOS fought Winnebago county tooth and nail. They didn't get anything (other than less cash than it was worth). The current tent is on property they lease from another owner who hasn't been pushed off his land yet by the EAA.
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    According to the tax records, the current SOS property is owned by the SOS brothers.
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    The seizure of private land by any government entity just plain sucks; especially when offered eeebelow fair market price. While I agree they shouldn’t have to had sued to get fair market price but they did receive $800k for 1.2 acres. That would be 1.28 million in today’s dollars.
    Its been estimated that AirVenture generates up to $220 million in revenue which is almost a tenth of Wisconsin’s tourism income. About half of that is generated in one week with Winnebago county being the biggest winner. Anyone with half a brain can see that both the county and state were highly motived to see AirVenture grow. That acreage helps generate far more income than the SOS operation ever will.
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