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Thread: Spot repair for peeling/flaking paint?

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    Spot repair for peeling/flaking paint?

    I'm buying an airplane that needs a paint job, but is otherwise solid. It has the original paint from the 70s and its starting to peel/flake off, especially on the wings. My plan is to do a full strip and paint, but I cannot comfortably afford this immediately after purchasing the plane.

    Because available hangars don't exist in my location, I will be tying the plane outside. So I am looking for a "cheap fix" that will protect the plane from corrosion until I get it painted (probably in 12-24 months). I'm thinking just sanding it down and spraying it with rattle cans in the spots where it is peeling.

    What kind of paint and primer should I consider for this job? Are there any special concerns for painting the plane?
    It is a Grumman AA1C, and I will not be painting any control surfaces, so it qualifies a maintenance although it is certificated.
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    Back when I was based at Potomac Airpark, you could often find the airport manager out there with a couple of rattle cans of green rustoleum touching up his airplane. I hear he finally had it professionally repainted.

    Yep, as long as it's not a control surface that needs rebalancing, it's allowable owner maintenance. You do need to log it properly however.

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    Alclad aluminum has good corrosion resistance without paint. If appearance is not offensive I'd just make sure there was no corrosion under the paint and leave it alone.

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