Hello all! I swapped motors, and the new one spins the wrong dang way! So, short of converting my Belite into a canard and fitting a rear-view mirror, I am selling this one to get the right (left?) one.

This is a ground-adjustable 64" powerfin "B" blade three blade with hub. $650 shipped.

Direction of rotation is Clockwise as you sit in the seat.

Paint is white with red tips that were done by Powerfin to match Oratex "Fokker red".

The hub is the normal Rotax pattern 6xM8 on 75mm BCD with 1" locating boss.

This prop is in great shape and looks amazing, It has fresh leading edge tape that was done when the prop was removed and 30 hours total time. Super minor corner dings from being stored, but 100% airworthy and almost brand new. The water-soluble central oregon pattern bug decals come free, and price includes shipping anywhere in the states.

This would make a great prop for a 55-80hp engine, a nasty Half VW, Rotax 582 or 618 or any of the larger Hirth engines. Powerfin has been good with customer service, and this prop has been a solid performer for me.