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Thread: Plane storage and permits, etc.

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    Plane storage and permits, etc.


    I am seriously looking at building a Pitts M-12. Located in Stamford, CT. My question is, once the plane is built, how does one go about getting permission to fly it at a local airport? Store it there? How does this all permitting work? Is there a write up somewhere answerong this--probably common--question?


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    Once your plane is signed off by the designee and issued the special airworthiness certificate, you will also be given operating limitations about how you can fly it for the first phase of test flights.
    Usually, you don't need any "permit" from the airport. You'll want to obtain a hangar possibly to do the final assembly. If you have a local EAA chapter, they can usually provide assistance in this.

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    What Ron said, the big thing is getting hangar space. At some airports it's no problem, others not so good. For example, at SNC (Chester, CT), there is a waiting list for hangar space, but across the river at 42B (Goodspeed), there are hangars available... possibly because they charge significantly more. You're in Stamford, unfortunately there are not small airports near there. You probably wouldn't want to use HPN (Westchester), there's airline traffic there, but I know there are some experimentals at Danbury and Bridgeport. So when you have a target date to get the plane done, you contact the FBO at the airport and ask about hangar space. Some airports may require liability insurance for aircraft based there.

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