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Thread: Rescue mission to Pikes Peak in 1927

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    Rescue mission to Pikes Peak in 1927

    HelloI am doing research on a flight over Pikes Peak on April 18, 1927 in a travel air by HC Lippiatt and AC Luz. It was a mission to drop supplies to two men that were stranded at the peak hotel.
    I am trying to find out if the aircraft is still around and any other history or information you might have on Lippiatt or Luz
    My name is Len Johnson and my email is
    Thanks in advance for any help or info.

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    I found this;

    Los Angeles, California

    Booth A C

    Two Travel Air planes, one Warner mo-
    tored and one OX-5 job, will be shown.
    Mr. H. C. Lippiatt, Travel Air distributor
    for Southern California, will be in charge
    assisted by Mr. R. C. Merriam, Mr. A. C.
    Luz and Mr. Ralph Montee. A demonstrator
    will be on the field at all times."

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    Thank you so much for the input.

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    I did a little internet exploring and found two news paper articles regarding the dropping of supplies. Neither article identified the plane used. Also found a site that stated that Lippiatt flew WACOs and Travel Airs almost exclusively. He did own a Lockheed Vega in the 30’s. How did you determine he used a Travel Air?
    You might to try researching the Aviation Week archives. You must have a subscription to do a detailed online search but they might help.
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    Hi Dave
    Thank you for your input. Lippiatt flew the travel air along with AC (Anthony) Luz his flight mechanic and a photographer up to Pikes Peak to drop the supplies in a Travel Air.
    A friend of mine is his daughter and we have a lot of articles and log books that we have been going over. But I haven't seen any tail numbers. So that is why I have been posting.
    I am in the process of putting it all together for a family history of their father. I thought if the aircraft still existed it would be very cool to be able to go see it.
    Also we aren't sure at this point if AC was a pilot or just a flying mechanic. There are references in the log books that say he had some flight instruction from Ralph Montee. So that makes me think he did have some flying time. We just discovered another log book and will be going over that.
    Thank you again for your input and suggestions.
    Let me know if you would like to see or hear anymore about it. We have lots of pics and articles. Personally I think a lot of this should be in a museum.

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