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Thread: Built or flown a Dream Classic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavelamb View Post
    The Dream Classic is kit only?
    Or are there plans for scratch builders?

    @ Soarmaster?

    Which would your prefer?
    Struts or wires?
    The "plans" don't include enough dimensions for scratch building. The kit is reasonably priced.
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    @ Soarmaster?

    Which would your prefer?
    Struts or wires?[/QUOTE]

    I was a cable-braced Hang Glider pilot for 22 years - so I have NO fear of cables, and I see struts as useless weight and extra drag. So I will be building the cable-braced version.

    Bob (soarmaster)

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    I can accept the cables as plenty secure, but not so sure that struts have higher drag.

    But thanks.

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