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Thread: Aviation Related Vehicle Licence Plates

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    I had FRE2FLY and FLY4FUN for a long time, but for the past decade+ and currently have AV8N247 ... inexpensive (and there are a lot) in Kansas.

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    I have "PA18 CUB" on my truck. Used to have "J5A CUB" on a car when we owned a J5.


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    One of the more subtle aviation plates I've seen belonged to Donna King (may she rest in peace) while she was a controller at O'Hare:

    Her plate said, "ORD CZI"

    She said she could always tell when a pilot spotted it-- they'd give a honk and a thumbs-up!

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    I belong to EAA Chapter 75 and fly an Airbike. Illinois only allows 6 alpha characters on their personalized plates, hence no "E" on Airbike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronald Franck View Post
    I belong to EAA Chapter 75 and fly an Airbike.
    Nice plates, and nice airplane. There are a couple Air Bikes in the area.

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    Here's ours
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    Reminds me of an incident here in Washington state.

    When one applies for a vanity plate, the form has blocks for three options. If the first is taken or is unacceptable, they look at your second, and so on.

    One man couldn't come up with a third option. So he just wrote "NO PLATE" in the third block, meaning, "don't give me a vanity plate."

    Yep. They gave him a license plate saying, "NO PLATE."

    Pretty funny at first. Then he started getting tickets from all over the state, from cops who had abandoned cars towed because they lacked a license plate.....

    Ron Wanttaja

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