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Thread: Collings B-17 Mishap

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    FAA has rescinded Collings’ authorization to fly any of it’s aircraft. Note that this is an FAA ruling on the educational flight authorization, not the full NTSB report on the accident.
    Link to Hartford Courant article.
    Link to FAA report

    It’s brutal to Collings’ lack of following procedures, and flying with obvious maintenance issues.
    I know EAA has a different safety culture in our historic flight operations. I just hope Collings’ bad practices don’t reflect on the others who are flying safely.

    About 20 years ago Collings brought their B-17 & 24 tour to BDL, and they operated out of the FBO that was in the same building as the FSDO. Those planes were grounded for months following inspections.
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    NTSB hasn't yet ruled on it (and I can't find anything in the online docket system). I did read through the FAA Recission letter (not really a report). Frankly, I don't disagree with the FAA on this one. This isn't the first time Collings has had a run-in with the FAA (though that one went up to the ALJ at the NTSB and the FAA was mostly struck down).

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulDow View Post
    I just hope Collings’ bad practices don’t reflect on the others who are flying safely.
    I hope you are correct on this and I think you will be. The Warbird industry can fix. Also I should add that some of the current Warbirds flying are in better condition than they ever were during the war.

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