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Thread: Back into flying

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    Back into flying

    I got my private ticket back in Nov of 77. Couple of years later life started getting in the way of flying. Now that I am facing retirement, I want to get back into flying. Realizing that at this point of my life I was not going to be makeing a career out of it, so I bought a Drifter ultralight. Which brings me to the point of all this. I live in north east In. Having a problem finding someone to get me check out in it. Does anyone know of a person or place I could get this done. The plane also did not come with a radio. Any suggestions you may have as to which I should get would be a great help.
    Thank you

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    Check with the USUA, United States Ultralight Association.

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    Bill, if you’ve been out of the saddle that long as a CFI I would suggest you go find a flight school and brush up on the regs and your flying skills before you take on the Drifter. Attend an AOPA Rusty Pilots seminar, it’s free if you’re a member and counts as the ground portion of your BFR. Ask around and try to find a Light Sport instructor. Finding an instructor in your area willing to check you out might be tough sledding. Assume your Drifter is registered as an EAB. You might have to find someone with something like a Challenger and get some stick time and take on the Drifter on your own. Good luck and be safe.
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