Ron, I had a business building J-3 fuel tanks (FAA-PMA) and used a Lincoln V205T, which was the top of the line at the time. Right before they ended production of the welder Lincoln listed for around $8K (I paid $3K in 2005). It still performs great to this day. As a "travel" welder I got the AlphaTIG 200 (Amazon $720). The Alpha does just fine. If you are a connoisseur you may be able to notice a smoother arc from the Lincoln, better amp control from the better foot pedal, etc. An experienced weldor using either welder will get a great weld. I would be careful with a "club" welder. I work in a shop with many A&P's and the care they take of their own tools is vastly different from the care they take of company tools. One drop or other abuse could render an expensive piece of equipment inop. All of that to say....the "welder" is not as important as the "weldor". Miller, Lincoln, HTP, ESAB, Alpha, MT, etc, etc, etc are all good units.--Ross PS watch Jody at for tig welder reviews.