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    Big Grin Swimming Hole

    Anybody other than me think a swimming hole out where the seaplanes come and go wouldn't be a bad idea? Think of it... an area roped off with two volunteer lifeguards. What better way to cool off during those hot afternoons? Palm trees, bratwurst, and cheese kurds optional.

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    Lake Winnebago water is just nasty. Between the bad smell and the occasional algae bloom why would you want to swim in it???
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    Sheesh... sounds like a bad idea now that you put that out there. Just the name, "Lake Winnebago" sounded nice but I guess it's obvious I've never seen it from land. Any other lake within bus riding distance that won't eat my skin?

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    There has been a "swimming hole" at the seaplane base for at least 30 years. There is a beach area next to the large tent that gets used every year unless there is an algae bloom. It is swim at your own risk, no lifeguards. The water in the shallow beach area is crystal clear many years. I have enjoyed swimming with PBY's and the Martin Mars among others over the years...Name:  pby.jpg
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    Looks nice... that's more like it.

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