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Thread: Wanted: two particular vintage magazines with aviation articles

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    Wanted: two particular vintage magazines with aviation articles

    Hello, my name is Ann King and I am writing a bio (and a series of historically based adventure novels) about my aunt, an early aviatrix, late l920's era.

    I need two magazines: (1) Popular Mechanics June l930 and (2) Aviation Mechanics July-August l930.

    I am in the research, grant writing and development field, so am not looking for advice re museums, libraries, university archives--I want the actual magazines listed above for family history archives. I periodically also check vintage magazine sites as well as Ebay and have been successful in acquiring other vintage copies that pertain to my writing subject matter. Am also aware of vintage Popular Mechanics online with Googlebooks.

    The assistance I need is: if you or know someone who has either or both of the above magazines, please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks very much.
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    You need to do a library search to see who has copies. These are old enough that I really doubt that they would be available for inter-library loan, but they should be available in some of the research collections.

    If you know someone that does research at a university have them do a search, they will be able to tell what is in university & private collections as well as the public library system.

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    Vintage magazines

    Now this was many years ago, but I'm going on the theory that libraries never throw anything away. I was at Mississippi State University in the early 70s. I guess because of the August Raspet Flight Research Lab there, the library had some great old aviation magazines. I got in their stacks one day and was finding aviation related stuff going back to 1909. Don't know your location- perhaps nowadays, they can send you what you want digitally. Try contacting them and see what you find.

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