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    AOPA Forums History

    AOPA just announced due to "security reasons" that they are shutting down their forums in favor of facebook and their other site (which is even worse than the aborted Oshoksh365 thing). Of course, it's no wonder the site looked risky as they haven't updated their VB since 2009 (they're running 3.8.x which has not been supported in years). Of course, I complained to AOPA management and I got NOTHING back (which is par for the course because years ago I offered to help fix up their site to a modern version, get tapatalk working, etc. and they didn't even give me the courtesy of an answer).

    Contrast this to the EAA where the last time I had issues not only did Pelton respond via emails but I got phone calls from Connie Bowlin (WOA), Michael Goulian (IAC), and Susan Dusenbury (Vintage). AOPA is a bit ineffectual and unreachable.

    If the forums go, so will my AOPA membership. I've had enough of their shenanigans.
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