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Thread: Goldwing Ultralight

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    Goldwing Ultralight

    So found an early 80's Godwing Ultralight near me. Looked online and found very little about this UL. I did find out that early there was some question about the spar being weak.

    As a new-commer to the world of UL is this a good plane to pick up? What is a good price? It is listed for $1500. The motor is a Cuyuna 430. Add says it was never flown just built and then wind tipped it over so some fiberglass repair will need to be done.

    If I do get this can you easily add a tach and altimeter? Maybe even airspeed? Ok I think I have gone on to long. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rladwig View Post
    So found an early 80's Godwing Ultralight near me.
    That's pretty cool to find something like that. The original Goldwings were too heavy for Part 103. They made a lighter version that did make the cut. I doubt there are any still around with faulty spars. I'd get in touch with Craig Catto since he can probably tell you all about it.

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    Marty, he says this was built in early 80's and not flown. Sounds like a candidate for the only Goldwing still around WITH a faulty spar. And with a wind-driven tip over, sounds like the spar has had a little help getting weaker.

    Rladwig-- adding airspeed & altimeter to any aircraft is no problem, they need no electric. There are airspeed instruments made for UL that don't even need panel space, they clamp to a wing strut. I don't know what kind of surprises you would have with a tach for various engines, but I suspect that Tiny Tach has a solution for most.

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    I remember the Goldwings, just don't know anything about them, but here's my take. There are a lot of proven, tried and true ultralights that have been around for many years, I think I would feel better about picking a used U/L that still has a following, that is, forums etc. and factory support if possible. For what it's worth.

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