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Thread: Unwanted projects

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    Unwanted projects

    Hello and thank you for considering my post, EAA community.

    I have an art practice in New York as well as some general aviation experience.

    Combining these interests, I have shown some sculptures of incomplete experimental aircraft. Please reference the image below.

    That sculpture consisted of a home-built biplane which took a hard landing in the 90's. After the owner determined he was not going to rebuild the aircraft, I acquired it from him.

    Should anyone reading this post have similar projects which they would consider letting go to be used in a similar way, please do not hesitate to reach out. No matter how derelict or incomplete the project, I may very well wish to use your aircraft, or aircraft parts. Please send photos if possible.

    Please keep in mind that my budget is unfortunately not substantial. Additionally, my range is limited to the East Coast.

    In making this post I hope to offer a way for some experimental aircraft owners to free up some space while knowing their project will be revived for a unique purpose.

    Best regards.
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    I don't have anything to contribute but I really like your use of aircraft pieces as art and sculpture. I've never seen this used before as part of an art installation but it's the kind of thing that would be well received at places like MOMA in NYC.

    May I also suggest you contact some general aviation airports near where you live as those properties can contain derelict aircraft parts from former accidents or just non-use over time. You'd probably get them for free as long as you paid to transport them out.

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