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Thread: Captain Al Haynes flies west

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    Thanks for that video -- it was good.

    Larry N.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lnuss View Post
    Thanks for that video -- it was good.
    Sobering, for sure.

    I think they must have used a speech to text converter to create the subtitles. Some of the errors are really funny.
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    One thing Capt Haynes and the others did was not give up. It would seem to be a hopeless situation, especially if they had known that they had no control with yoke or rudder pedals. I'm sure the Capt used a voice of authority and control, but airplanes steer by control surfaces and nothing the they did had any affect whatsoever on any control surface.
    it was the 3rd pilot who flew the plane,such as it was ,but using the engines. Id say he had maybe 20% of normal control and at least got the plane to touchdown somewhat right side up and a lot of passengers survived a seemingly hopeless situation.
    Sully, by contrast, actually flew the plane, he had full control except for no power. Thank God the river was there.
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