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Thread: Fill And Drain Welded Tube Frame

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave1968 View Post
    I hope I didn't misread, but the Poly-Fiber product mentioned turned out to have a substantial ingredient of linseed oil.
    I haven't found any Stits product...
    Thanks everyone!
    Stits and Poly-Fiber are the same thing. The company Ray Stits founded eventually became Poly-Fiber, but people still call it Stits.

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    For what it's worth (FWIW is the Millennial's way of saying this I think), when I worked at the airlines, we would corrosion proof the inside of the fuselages from the "waterline" on down using LPS3. It will burn, but is much less flammable than BLO or other petroleum products. Consider that metals there ranged from structural aluminum castings to aluminum sheet with high strength steel fasteners to various types of steel structure. I believe the correct way to express it would be to say that it "sets up" as opposed to drying, but maybe they are the same thing. Anyway, it always performed exceptionally well when you consider the amount of moisture that area encounters on each flight due to pressurization and respiratory moisture. Also, it was very easy to use. I have been building a GP-4 (Project currently for sale) where I have used it inside the 4130 engine mount frame, the 4130 push/pull rods (ailerons), and the steel landing gear shock strut and trunnion tubes (MLG is not Oleo - uses large spring). I highly recommend it.

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    Hello John! FWIW, you are correct about the Millennials. I have 3 of them. ;-)
    Thank you very much for the information about LPS3. I will look at that and probably use that or ACF-50. I have just received a very affirmative response from Lear Chemical that ACF-50 is appropriate.

    Thanks again!

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