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Thread: THANK YOU EAA AirVenture 2019!

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    THANK YOU EAA AirVenture 2019!

    As always it was a marvelous 9 days spent volunteering on the trams, surrounded by airplanes, airplane people, airplane 'stuff' and more airplanes.

    As always it was amazing to watch the creation of a town of 70,000 in such a short time, filled with so many smiling faces from all over the globe, sharing a common joy, aviation.

    AirVenture 2020 can't come soon enough.
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    All of the complaints are just folks trying to improve on what is damn near perfect already. I second Randy, thanks for the great times.

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    AirVenture is more than show for my family; my wife was an EAA employee when we met and we got married in the chapel the following year. EAA literally changed our lives.
    I was in Wisconsin last December and drove down to Oshkosh....made the pilgrimage to the museum, said hi to a few staffers, visited the Sonex factory, and then drove over to the show site. Talk about desolate. Being Wisconsin it began to snow. Perfect!
    It IS quite amazing how AirVenture comes to life and becomes the center of aviation for that one week. It’s a great place to renew your aviation mojo and be happily exhausted at the end of the week. A lot and I mean a lot of hard work goes into pulling off an event of this scale. Kudos to all those that make it happen.
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