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Thread: Where is the City of Oshkosh's Private Camp Ground Ordinance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by martymayes View Post
    So does that mean the next 99 yrs should be clear?
    Yea those once in 100 year storms in 2010 and 2019! Craps going to happen sometimes. Fortunately I stayed at the dorms in 2010, and managed to sneak into my site in 2019 on Saturday with my Class C after I caught the security person in a lie right before they closed it. Fortunately at the right place at the right time.

    I do feel for the people that got put in the remote lots. But I think 2010 was worse. Hopefully they are getting some amount of refund....

    But I understand there is not any way that the situation will be improved much for a one week event. They probably are getting away with it even not being called a campground, which adding infrastructure would probably change....

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    A couple years ago when EAA moved the Fly Market and added Aviation Gateway Park.
    They constructed roads and used a permeable or porous blacktop pavement to ward against flooding.
    When it rains the porous blacktop pavement absorbs the water. You can Read about it HERE

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    Quote Originally Posted by deftone View Post
    We arrived on Saturday and had to stay in a JCPenny parking lot until Tuesday. EAA doesnt have the funding to turn Scholler into a "proper" campsite, but rather than investing in so many improved sites, they could divert some of this spending into improvements on the roads, perhaps temporary matting that could be put down in wet spots when it rains, or gravel/rock?
    So you parked on premium hard surface I imagine the bus ride was about the same as a bus ride from the far end of Scholler, problem solved.
    EAA may not own the hay field, so no option to improve anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris In Marshfield View Post
    Itís a hay field thatís opened one or two times a year for us to pitch a tent. Whereís the problem again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrongway Feldman View Post
    You know what is kind of interesting.
    I haven't yet heard anybody say, EAA AirVenture 2019 was hit by a once in a 100 years storm.
    That was a "once in 100 year storm" ? Been going there for about 25 years (give or take) and I can remember a lot of those storms and gust fronts.

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