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Thread: Newb assembly question

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    Newb assembly question

    Hi folks:

    OK, I'm a newb to Solidworks, but I've installed it and had some newb questions:

    1) can I install it on 2 machines? I've got a monster desktop and a laptop and would like to at least open files on the laptop.

    2) I've downloaded a bunch of .sldprt files from grabcad and want to combine them in SW. I'm used to using 3DS Max, and would just load obj files and mix, match and combine them to my hearts content, but I'm not finding any tutorials about how to load the SLDPRT files and combine them. Maybe I'm not using the correct search terms in google. Tutorials, videos, and suggestions welcome. I'm working with an engineering student remotely, and the first pass of Frankensteining a bunch of parts together into a SW file (maybe just for render) will help me demonstrate my ideas.

    Thanks, Michael

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    Regarding your first question, you can install on all computers you own.

    Regarding your second question, you need to create a new Assembly and SOLIDWORKS will prompt you to add parts to the assembly. You should start with the part that you want to fix to the Origin and then build around it by mating parts. Here is a good video from a recommended source. I started at 33:34 where he gets into Assemblies. He uses SOLIDWORKS 2013, but concepts are the same:

    Here is a full playlist of tutorials from Tim Callinin:

    Also, here are resources we assembled from our support volunteers:

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    YOWZA Corey! That got the ball rolling! Now I just need to scale and rotate things to get them in the right position. I really like that McMaster- Carr has part models, I need some of them to continue. I'll post here when I've gotten something worth showing.

    Thanks again, Michael

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    OK, I've gotten rolling with this now. Have downloaded models from grabcad, scaled and positioned. So, off to a good start
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    Looking good so far!

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    Thanks Cory - already found an issue with the filler tube for the fuel cell, so it's doing what it should. I'll get exact with it soon, but I just wanted a sketch to show my partner.

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