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Thread: How long did it take you to define your "mission"?

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    The "mission" is ever changing and takes at least two planes to satisfy. 43 years so far, and my mission is still changing. Most of that time I have kept a stable of two planes for different missions. So far, 9 were taildraggers and 1 with a training wheel. Only 1 so far was metal, 1 composite, and 8 fabric. 5 were classic/antiques, and four were E-AB, and one "Modern Era" aircraft. For today, it's a SuperCub Clone for passengers and local fun and a stretch KR-2 to go long distances in a short time. Sometimes I change my mind and end up buying another of the same plane that I had previously owned. The problem now is that I built both of the planes I currently own, and don't think I can let go of them to buy or build another, so the stable may have to grow to three. Not quite sure my long suffering ever tolerant bride will put up with me owning 3 planes again. Life may get really interesting if she finds me out in the hangar building another plane.

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    There really isn't any important mission for a private airplane. Sort of like a pet or child.
    I cared for about a dozen, over these past 45 years.

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    IMO, your mission will/should be evolving over time. My RV-8 does drive my current mission limitations, and capabilities though. It's pretty broad with an RV. Other than limited to two people, it includes everything from a 20 minute after work acro relaxation flight through a week long across-the-country trip. I can operate off XX,000-ft of concrete or 1000-feet of dirt/grass/gravel. Still impressed with the flexibility of the RV series.

    Get the last child out of college, and I'd like to enhance the low and slow mission with another Cub or Kitfox. I believe I've awakened a couple of buddies to the appeal of these missions.

    Rereading the OP post, I see your concern with getting stuck with a kit you're not happy with. For this reason, if the RVs appeal to your mission, look at one that's complete. There are over 10,000 flying and many to choose from for sale. Keep it a few years, sell it if you aren't happy. I doubt you'll loose $1.
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