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Thread: Unable To Receive Download?

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    Unable To Receive Download?

    Over the past two weeks I've tried multiple times to get a download for Solidworks through EAA. I fill out the form, and it says I will receive an email shortly... The email never comes. I typed in the email correctly, my member number is correct, but nothing ever shows up. Are the servers broken? Has this ability been discontinued?

    Thank you for any input or help.

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    Have you looked in your spam filter or reports to see if the email is getting blocked?
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    I have checked all of my folders, including both Spam and Trash. Unfortunately, nothing is there...

    I have done this process before, and it worked (about 7 months ago). The number from my older download no longer works on the Solidworks website, unfortunately.

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    I found out the issue.

    For some reason, my email was not being accepted as a correct email format. So that you know, it is *********** (where the * characters are letters). I assume that the form errors because of the numbers before the @ symbol. Also important to note, is that the warning message only flashes for half a second. This makes it very hard to see, and even once you know to look, there isn't enough time to read it. Using my second email, it worked the first time.

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    When you use Gmail, our instructions end up in your Promotions tab (not in spam folder).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cory Puuri View Post
    When you use Gmail, our instructions end up in your Promotions tab (not in spam folder).
    My other account is also a gmail account. I checked the Promotions folder on the first account as well- It was never sent (or at least never arrived).

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