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Thread: Aircraft camping in the ultralight/LSA area

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    Aircraft camping in the ultralight/LSA area

    I have previously camped at Oshkosh under the wing of my C172. This year I am thinking about flying my LSA into the ultralight/LSA grass strip. From what I can tell from previous years, these aircraft park near that strip. However, I have never seen any evidence of camping there. Is this permitted?

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    If you are a S-LSA I believe you have to park with the general aviation types.
    If you’re an E-LSA you can go into the HBC camping area or go south to the UL/light sport area. You can camp there too. EAA is making changes in that area for 2020 so the parking may change from what you’re familiar with. Guess we’ll know more as A/V draws closer.
    You could also reach out to the staff for a more definitive answer. Try Timm Bogenhagen.
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