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Thread: SW renewal and new features

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    SW renewal and new features

    I just attempted renew (reactivate?) my solidworks 2018-2019 (photo1) The dialog box after running the activation wizard said succeeded, but then another box comes up and says the student edition will expire in 3 days (photo 3). I went to and there is a description of install procedure here, but it looks like I will need another license key to do that:

    I was speaking with one of the guys at the solidworks booth and he said we were getting the premium student edition this time around. Its not clear to me if we now need to uninstall and reinstall to get the premium edition, if the upgrade will occur automatically when reactivating, or if I have actually REALLY reactivated the base version, (or which version) because I'm still getting the "this student edition will expire in 3 days" dialog box...the "reactivation" didn't really seem to do anything, and the version still shows solidworks student edition academic year 2018-2019 (photo 2)

    Please advise
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    I installed the new version today. The instructions say to uninstall the old, then instal the new. You will need new license keys since there’s a second key for the electrical module, so just sign up on as a new user.

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    Paul is correct. But so there is no confusion, you do not create a new website user account. What Paul is suggesting is that you need to fill out the SOLIDWORKS download request form again.

    By the way, if you installed 2018-19 and were replacing 2017-18 and got the expiration notice, it is because you didn't overwrite the serial number that preloaded. You can copy the new serial number and paste it over the old one. To avoid having an old serial number preload in future versions of SOLIDWORKS, you need to click "Advanced" when you uninstall SOLIDWORKS and then check the box to clear registry edits (including serial number). Here are screen captures:

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