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Thread: Oshkosh Map Complaint...

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    Bob... the glorious 70's. One in the same I bet. Well I too used to turn charts in the cockpit when I had nothing else to navigate with. However, this is 2019 and my map is digital, shows my CHTs (cylinder head temps), fuel consumption, TFRs, parachute jumping areas, airport taxi diagrams and where you are on them, etc. The point of it all is merely, and grossly understatted... progress. Say it with me... "PROGRESS". When the EAA map guy runs to the print shop how hard is it to say, "map north this time"? My wife is a non- pilot who can read a map better than most and she asked numerous times at OSH, "who made this"? "Oh, but all the EAA supporting Winnebagos enter from the west and after driving through several states will now be lost after entering the Oshkosh gate"! Maybe, after having Oshkosh on my bucket list, I never was the demographic EAA caters to. I have lots of summer destinations for my home built, just feel silly now having thought Oshkosh was one of them.

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    OK, I'll say it, PROGRESS !!! My wife says I'm stuck in 1968, but I do love my Fore Flight, and in the car, the gps. I traveled for my work, construction, for 50 years and until 2009, I used maps, I still keep an almanac in the truck, just in case. I'm pretty much low and slow, Cessna 150, 172 and a Champ, all rentals but I bring my own navigation stuff, I really don't know how I got along without it. A few years ago I bought one of those walking gps's, it traces your walking path, but I never figured out how to use it. Sigh !

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