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    jn-4 jenny

    Hello, I have a few original wood supports that mount vertical between the upper and lower wing of a curtiss jn-4. Not sure what the proper name for these pieces are either. My question is whether there is any monitary value or not and if so where would be a good place to start with finding someone that would want them. Im having trouble up loading a pic as it sais I need a token .
    thanks jim

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    I have no idea but just happened to see this on Barnstormers, maybe it's a point of reference:
    Brian K. Schermerhorn

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    Wing struts or interplane struts would be the correct term.
    Yes there is some value to them, even it only for a private display or in a museum.

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    These guys may have ideas or want them: - Kit planes styled after WW I planes - In IA, old planes
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