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Thread: First time aircraft purchase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlOrton View Post
    Does the aircraft have a current registration? If it's outside of the "drop dead" date on the FAA registry, you have to start all over again. If still a valid registration, no prob, just transfer.

    One thing for homebuilts: You will need to ensure that seller has, and that you receive, the set of operating limitations issued by the FAA or DAR at the time the AW cert was granted. Initially used for Phase 1 testing, but they're still applicable for Phase II (anything after phase 1).
    The aircraft does have a current registration, not sure about the operating limitations.

    After talking to a few other buddies, I think they may have talked me into going a little different route and looking into a Champ or a Taylorcraft. Still up in the air at this point.

    Thanks again for all the input guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessewukie View Post
    I am looking at purchasing my first aircraft. I am a 121 pilot with about 9000 hrs total time. That said, it has been years since I have been in a light single. I am currently considering an inexpensive Kitfox 1. Plane has about 190 hrs total time with a Rotax 532 in it. Current owner does not have complete logs but does have logs since 2007 when he purchased the plane. I am planning on taking an A&P friend of mine to look at it.

    A few questions,

    What paperwork will I need for an experimental aircraft (airworthiness, bill of sale, logs ect)

    My friend does not have a lot of recent experience with experimentals, is there anything specific that we should be looking for? Corrosion, covering condition, spars, ect. Anything specific with the Rotax 532?

    Any other suggestions for a prospective first time buyer.

    Thank you in advance for any advice.
    Make sure you know what kind of aircraft you want. The Kitfox with 532 is basically a two-place ultralight, it will be far lighter than anything you have flown unless you have ultralight time. While it will handle turbulence you will very quickly find that flying the Kitfox in bumpy air is far more work than fun. You will think you are flying a feather.

    About the only resemblance the 582 has to a "conventional" aircraft engine is that it has pistons and turns a prop. Your friend will be of no help unless he has two-stroke motorcycle or snowmobile experience. The 532 was replaced by the 582 nearly 30 years ago so is an old engine. Old two-strokes usually have bad crank seals which means a total rebuild.

    Having said all that, I'm not trying to discourage you from buying an aircraft, but don't let a low purchase price camouflage what you are considering buying. You will most likely be much better off with a heavier aircraft unless all you are wanting is something in which to chance sunsets. I have several hundred hours is very light aircraft including Rotax engines and realize their limitations.

    Best wishes for a successful search regardless of what you decide to fly!
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    Do a test flight, that is a very low and slow light airplane, may be a good one but not a fit with you.
    Look at every inch of it , don't just take someones word for condition.

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    Another good source for aircraft data

    for $35 you can get a report in a couple hours...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmoore View Post
    Another good source for aircraft data

    for $35 you can get a report in a couple hours...
    Awesome thanks!

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    Titles searches: Dixie Aire aircraft Title Search. Terrific Folks i have used for years.

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