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Thread: Renoewal Bargain Price

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    Renoewal Bargain Price

    As Airventure time comes around again. Im reminded that it is time to join EAA or renew my membership automatically. The price is $40. I don't know where you find anything like that bargain, and the family one is only $50. It includes the monthly magazine , and the substantial lobbying, often with AOPA, and public education that the organization does on our behalf, programs like Young Eagles, etc.
    By comparison, one day of skiing at a first class resort is $150, a day of golf might be $100 or more.
    I also join the division which interest me, Warbirds or Vintage , etc.
    EAA is to me the more sport side of flying, with AOPA being the larger organization and more toward just gen aviation and I join also, its $79., and they do effective lobbying for our type of private aviation.
    If you own a plane, a type club can be very beneficial also, helping with safe flying as well mechanical things, and social events.

    Good luck, and come aboard
    Bill Greenwood
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    Last time I renewed, about 1 1/2 years ago, I got an even better deal. Three years for $99. I thought that was a great value. I have no info if that is still offered, but the people handling the main phone number should know.
    Another big feature of EAA is the chapter network, although the perceived value of that may vary based on each member’s desire.

    [Edit: I reread that last sentence, and it looks like I wrote the chapter network isn’t of much interest. I’m personally very active in my local chapter (too active sometimes.) With what Eric added below, I should have written how a member would have a tough time taking advantage of everything EAA offers. That would be a full time job.]

    AOPA’s annual renewal price is now up to $79. Since I rarely fly, I’ve let that lapse after 30 years.
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    I certainly appreciate the kind words regarding EAA membership!

    In addition to the benefits listed above, we have some lesser-known but meaningful benefits:

    Free access to SOLIDWORKS CAD design software
    Free access to about 400 science and technology museums around the country
    Discounts on flight sim software and hardware
    Free access to our entire archive of webinars (over 450 available)
    Free access to Hints for Homebuilders archive

    This list isn't fully exhaustive but gives an idea of the types of things that come with membership. In my biased opinion I agree it's a pretty great deal for only $40 a year. Also, the 3 years for $99 is still available both for new joins and renewals.

    Thank you all for supporting EAA!

    Eric Cernjar, EAA # 1133654
    Membership Marketing Manager

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    About 10 years ago I signed my wife and me up for lifetime membership. Last year at OSH, my daughter signed up as a lifetime.
    I felt like there were several neat perk for that.

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    Been a member since 1969, EAA #46140.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulDow View Post

    AOPA’s annual renewal price is now up to $79. Since I rarely fly, I’ve let that lapse after 30 years.
    Yep, I dropped AOPA after more than 50 years when they more than doubled their dues. I tried to negotiate a LifeTime membership but they refused. I guess they figure that less than half will drop out, so they will still get more money. I want to support Aviation but not under these circumstances.
    DAR since the last century. Specializing in Amateur-Built and Light-Sport Aircraft

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    I hate to lose anyone that has been a member, of either, and over a small amount of money. I take some of the blame, when Mark Baker was visiting Denver a few years back, I remarked that the price then was low, ( think it was, $49 and that most people would readily pay $10 more for needed good services like before Congress. Lobbying is probably expensive, just cost of living in DC is substantial.
    Mel, do you think that the opposition people who are trying to privatize ATC and restrict gen private aviation are going to drop out over a small increase in dues?

    I do understand how anyone can prefer just EAA, more the sport side of aviation, but to me AOPA and EAA are like and arm and a leg of the same body. You might consider AOPA as the entre and EAA as the appetizer at dinner. I go to Osh every year but this year the AOPA fly in at Santa Fe was one of my favorites.
    I m in my 2 type clubs also and CAF.
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    I'd say 40 bucks is right about the sweet spot for dues to the national organization, especially since local chapters have dues as well.

    Both are worthwhile expenses - at the national level, we get a voice in the ears of not just Congressmen and Senators, but more importantly, the regulatory agencies that oversee aviation.

    At the local level, I get expert advice and help on my home built aircraft - and get to help out as well. This is the "real" EAA to me, the part I actually interact with.

    As to AOPA, 99% of the time they act in concert with the EAA, so it's a force multiplier. Yes, they are focused more on gadgety aircraft and things that I find on the other end of aviation from me, but they're still valuable in the fight to keep aviation in the USA permissive rather than restrictive.
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