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Thread: Web cams

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    All, you may have to update your bookmarks for the webcams. They are now under EAA's YouTube page:
    You can also access them here:
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    Vintage seems to be back up and running fine. 10:30 am Chicago time
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    They moved the webcams to the Main EAA YouTube channel.
    They also have added live ATC audio, it seem they are testing the audio at the moment, Audio comes and goes.
    Alternately you can listen here KOSH

    The buffer in the players has not been enabled, So you cannot back up in the stream to look at the past video.
    This is a bandwidth saving feature.

    Here is the previous EAA AirVenture Live YouTube channel.
    That channel no longer has any live feeds on it.

    The links on the EAA website have been updated.

    Obviously they are in tweak mode.
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    Major thanks to all who are involved with the live cams. Lot of work there. I like seeing the stuff getting set up... and it just feeds the excitement for me actually being there in [checks watch] 30 hours!

    The live cams kept me sane last year when I couldn't come. Actually, it was a mix of sanity, jealousy, and sadness. But I liked that they were there.

    Thanks, again.

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    What I should have also said in my previous reply was congratulations to the webcam team. Nice work with the cameras. Is it my eyes or does this year’s video feed look much better than last year’s?

    Only two sleeps to go before boarding my flight from LGA to ATW. Woohoo!
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    Vintage webcam is up.

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    Love the addition of the the tower radio to the webcam. Thursday evening and amazing how busy it is...and how clueless some of the pilots are.

    Makes me a a little sad, though, as I can’t fly my plane in this year. First time in ten years.
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    The tower chatter being added is an incredible addition. I truly feel bad about my childish ‘disappointed’ comment a few days earlier. Thank you to all who have made this available.

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    My only complaint, petty that it is, is the Ultralight cam has two channels of ATC, and it is hard to follow at times as there is so much cross talk at time. But other than that, GREAT JOB!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHICAGORANDY View Post
    A sincere THANK YOU and kudos to the team of folks who make these annual webcams possible. I'm 70 and continue to marvel at all the digital wonders that we all can have at our disposal and at our fingertips that simply did not exist a scant few decades ago.

    Anyone else grow up with rotary dial pay phones and needing to go to the library or hope the parents could afford to buy the Encyclopedia Britannica to learn about the world?
    Yes. What ChiRan said. Had a blast watching the show all week long

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