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Thread: Camp Scholler improvements in 2019

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    Camp Scholler improvements in 2019

    Camp Scholler improvements in 2019 include:
    • A new shower building serving the expanded south Camp Scholler area, along Stits Road near the refund station.
    • The laundry building is now located near Red One Market West, between Schaick Avenue and the camper registration area.

    Red One Market has three locations in Camp Scholler to serve campers with basic needs, such as groceries, ice, and coffee. That includes Red One Market Central near the Fly Market and Paul's Woods on the campground's east side, Red One Market West near camper registration, and Red One Market Southwest on Stits Avenue between Elm and Cottonwood avenues.

    Did they always have three Red One Markets or are any of these new?

    More here Camp Scholler Opens June 28

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    The SW one is new I'm pretty sure. The Central one is the old "Red Barn Store" and the west one has been there for a while.

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    The laundry at the red barn has been there for several years. It replaced the food stand which was a bummer.
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