I just joined the group and have a question and will try and make this very short. I recently flew in the EAA Ford Tri Motor N8407 on its tour through Jacksonville, IL. A Ford Tri Motor was actually the very first airplane I flew in and was that was around 1971 or 72 at Oshkosh when my dad took me out of line for a ride in a Breeze and got me into the FTM. Max Conrad was the pilot on that day and my dad knew him personally. He took my picture outside the airplane with myself, Max and my cousin. I believe I was 11 or 12 at the time. I have torn my house and shop apart trying to locate the photo of the FTM that I flew in back in the 70's to see if it was N8407 but cannot find the photo anywhere. Incidentally, the Breeze that I was going to take a flight in ground looped on the taxiway from turbulence when a Chinook helicopter flew over it on its return taxi. Neither pilot or passenger was hurt but this will give you some timeline of the year I flew.

What I am trying to determine is if that was the very same airplane as N8407 that I just recently flew in. I believe it is the same aircraft, now with a different paint scheme due to the lengthy restoration that was done starting some time after 1972. I know N8407 had GLEN on the side prior to the restoration but for the life of me cannot remember if the one I rode in was painted that way back then. Is there anyone out there that knows what FTM's were at Oshkosh in 1971/72 or which one Max would have piloted in that time period? I have spent dozens of hours on the net trying to find information to no avail. Thank you in advance.