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Thread: The First Sea Lord

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    The First Sea Lord

    I am watching tv and reading about events re D Day. Churchill had been a soldier in the first world war and wanted to be on the first invasion ship, and it took a direct order by Ike as Supreme Allied to stop him,.

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    Churchill was a soldier in the Boer War as well. At the beginning of WWI, he was a prominent politician, but returned to active duty for three months after leaving his ministerial positions in late 1915 (he remained a member of Parliament). He was one of the planners and advocates of the disastrous Gallipoli campaign. He as also an advocate of air power, and, post-war, was the Secretary of State for air.

    He was First Lord of the Admiralty at the time the war started...but Americans should understand this was a political appointment, not a military one. He was quite popular with the Royal Navy. In 1939, just after Britain declared war against Nazi Germany, Churchill was again appointed First Lord.

    A simple message went out to all Royal Navy ships and installations: "Winston is back."

    Eight months later, he was Prime Minister.

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