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Thread: Newbie on tent camping at Oshkosh, how do I do this properly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krw920 View Post
    To say the majority of Camp Scholler is 24 hr generator is being disingenuous at best. The 24 hour generator takes up at best 1/4 of Scholler, stretching from the corner of Elm Ave and Stits Rd to the south and west. So they have made it larger, but they also consolidated it all in one area instead of having scattered spots. They also have a very small no generator area too, but no idea how well they enforce that.
    Look at the map of Scholler on the Airventure web site and add the 24 hr generator and water/electrical sites, and compare it to the rest of the campground. Maybe it's not 80 percent, but certainly well over 50 percent.

    Also, looking at the map, they have converted the area just north of Camper Registration to a parking lot. Never camped in that area so I don't know if the whole area that's now parking was available for camping before, but at any rate, it is another reduction in the area that is available for tent camping.

    I think the water/electrical hookup area has been expanded as well. I don't remember the area just east of the Red Market Southwest being water/electrical hookups last year, or that it went as far east as Doolittle Road. But OI might be wrong about that. (Each of those sites generates about $2k, compared to $300 or less for most of the regular sites.) (Based on having to pay for the water/electrical sites from the date of reservation, and anecdotal evidence that most of them are reserved on the first day they are available, and most regular sites being used 10 days or less.)
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    Excellent list! May I suggest adding:UmbrellaRainsuit or poncho. May be a large plastic trash bag with arm and head holes.Flashlight... so that you can find your way back to camp after the nightly movies or the night airshows.Camp site sign with your name, phone and email address on it.Extra camping chairs, so that you can have visitors to share your BEER and SCOTCH!Consider flying in with C2O next year:

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    A post above talked about the transportation being free. However, I know that the bus to Seaplane base has a small fee. Bring cash.

    Also, solely tent camping areas seem to be sparse and becoming more so. There are LOTS of people who make Oshkosh an RV destination; they're not really there for airplanes, but just as someplace to take the RV. They appear to come mostly for the afternoon airshows, if they go in at all. Lots and lots of kids (nothing wrong with that), the biggest issue being that they seem to be the ones driving the ATV's, mostly carelessly.

    It's really only an issue when trying to find a spot, not having to listen to the generators, and making it safely back to your campsite at night.

    Nonetheless, Oshkosh is awesome and all those RV people help bring income to our favorite aviation organization.
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    I'm a tram conductor myself, and as to transportation options once at AirVenture here are all the possibilities - yes the on-site school buses and John Deere pulled trams are indeed free.

    Also check the maps for Uber/Lyft pickup/drop-off points.

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