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Thread: the "Turn Back"

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    The fact that people have an opinion about this topic WITHOUT asking:
    - how long is the runway
    - how long was the roll before rotate
    - how steep was the rate of climb
    - what is the airplane glide ratio

    ... seems nutty to me.

    Seriously. An airplane might takeoff and start to climb in the first 200 feet of a 5000 foot long runway. And maybe it is a motor-glider with a 20:1 or 30:1 or 50:1 glide ratio. And maybe this particular motor-glider has a 140HP 915iS engine that lets it climb at an astounding rate. So by the end of the runway the airplane could be thousands of feet in the air ... and yet still over the runway! Hell, the extreme case I'm describing the motor-glider might be able to glide around the pattern 3 times before reaching the ground.

    And on the other extreme a pilot might be flying a "flying brick" that barely gets off the ground by the end of the 5000 foot runway.

    And yet people think they can hold one simple "rule of thumb" and apply that to every case? Well, they can do that for themselves, but some of us are too thoughtful and "calculating" to adopt such massively over-simplistic context-free authoritarian dictates for ourselves.
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