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Thread: BD-4 For Sale

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    BD-4 For Sale

    1990 BD-4B $22 000 USD

    Total Time 530
    Long Wings (28')
    50 Gal Fuel Tanks


    Lycoming O-320-E2D
    Rebuilt by Aero Sport Power in 2012
    Engine Time Since Overhaul 200 hours
    Props Inc. 72" Maple Wood Prop pitched for cruise
    Prop time since new 100 hours


    VFR Panel
    GRT Mini-B EFIS
    Valcom 760 VHF Radio
    FlightCom Intercom
    King KT76A Transponder with ACK Encoder
    ACK E-01 ELT

    Bede Design Improvements:

    Static port
    Elevator pushrod
    Forward fuselage structural
    Gear box
    Control stops
    Fuel overflow lines
    Fuel tank rear pickups
    Long wings
    Rear seats replaced with plywood cargo area and cargo net

    Empty Weight 1216

    Gross Weight 1857
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    Hello, is your bede 4 still available?

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    Email sent

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