Most of you are familiar with Pete Bowers' most famous design, the Fly Baby. Construction articles were published in EAA Sport Aviation from 1962 to 1964.

A few might be familiar with Pete's other homebuilt design, Namu. This was a large side-by-side two seater with inverted gull wings, that first flew in the 1970s.

But until today, I wasn't familiar with Pete's OTHER other homebuilt design. Turns out the Fly Baby articles were the SECOND set of construction articles written by Pete and published in Sport Aviation: The first was for a Fokker Triplane replica!

The series isn't that detailed, and it looks like Pete never finished it. But you can trace its development in the following issues:

March 1957
April 1958
March 1960
June 1960
May 1961
May 1962

You can, of course, download the articles from the archives if you are an EAA member.

Ron Wanttaja